Indoor Team Building Games

Indoor Team Building Games

Indoor Team Building Games

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Depending on your team-building objectives and time, you can choose up to four indoor team-building games for your indoor event.

Game Idea

  1. Marshmallow Challenge
  2. Sneak a Peak
  3. Auction & Building Game
  4. Helium Stick
  5. Perfect Square
  6. Pipeline Challenge
  7. Trivia Contest
  8. Pictionary
  9. Egg Drop

Game Flow / Rundown

Briefing (5 minutes)

Indoor Team-Building Game (30–60 minutes)

Debriefing (15 minutes)

Repeat steps 1–3 with other games

Briefing / Debriefing

Before the game starts, our event organizers and facilitators will give a briefing. But instead of being told what to do step by step, participants will be given time to discuss, formulate strategies, and plan their own routes. The objective is to stimulate their creative and critical thinking as well as to encourage them to be more proactive in planning and communication. Through competition and collaboration, we intend to facilitate the spirit of teamwork and build trust among team members so that they will be able to achieve common goals.

Debriefing will be provided after the game. Participants will be encouraged to share how they tackled problems and collaborated to work on common goals.

Price: Starting from HK$7,000

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